Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday, Day 35(145)

Reading Log #4 due 10/31

Vocab 5 Fri. 10/24 (code=92226) Pretest
ROTG 6 due Wed 10/29
Study Island  Verbs due Fri. 10/24

Quiz on the world's water features Wed. 10/29
Journey of Man Map on Google Drive due Thursday (Use this link to watch the rest of the video.) If finishing this takes more than about 30 minutes, you can have an extension until Friday with no penalty.

Please complete at least 5 problems on the Long Division Practice worksheet. Remember to do at least one problem that challenges you. Also, do not spend more than 40 minutes.

*Red Group* Finish the Jumping Jacks Lab sheet, both sides.

*Blue Group* Finish the side of the Jumping Jacks Lab sheet with the data table we will start the graph together tomorrow, it will be due Friday.